September 4


What Are You Wearing Today?

September 4, 2020

Dress To Impress

Dressing yourself…

Many times, one wonders, what am I going to wear today? What in the world, am I going to wear to go to work? When one works in a doctor’s office or a company where you have a uniform, at least you can say “ok, today I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to wear”, but to me, that’s very disheartening…

The reality is that the way we dress reflects our mood, our tastes, our habits, our cleanliness, etc…

Many times, one thinks that it’s not really important, but it’s actually so crucial… This is why:

  1. There is only ONE time in your life when you can actually make a good first impression. There is no second chance. If you arrive somewhere and you look sloppy, dirty, or simply smelly, then people might think that “you never had time or the water in your house has been annulled” or something along those lines..
  2. It’s about your reflection in society. When someone is nicely dressed, you always have the doors open, just like the Spanish saying goes, “As they see you, they treat you”…
  3. The most important one, YOU! When someone is not dressed nicely or simply not caring about his or her image. When one looks at the mirror and sees at himself/herself, then your interior being starts telling you in your ear, “you’re ugly, you don’t look good, etc.” and your unconscious listens to it. This is when one starts to eat unhealthy, eating bad foods and food that doesn’t really give you any nutritional value, but just hurts yourself. You start to gain weight, stop exercising at all, and your self-esteem lowers each and every day. Basically, you let yourself not take care of you, and to be honest, to get out of this situation is very difficult.

Look, it’s very simple… There are no women who are ugly, only women who are messy and disheveled.

When one looks at a super model, one says, WOW, how beautiful! But it’s not like that… what happens is that she’s taking care of herself and is caring about her image. So, I ask myself, if models (who already dedicate their lives to modeling) take care of themselves to look arranged and pretty and they look even prettier than what they already are, then, why the heck, do we (non-models), give ourselves permission to be disheveled and messy?

Anyways, my honest opinion and humble suggestion is that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars or even a lot of money investing in surgeons to look good. All you need is 10 minutes of your time, do something with your face, put on mascara and lipstick… you can wear jeans if you want to, with a nice blouse or shirt and give yourself the final touch with an accessory of your choice that would complement the attire. That will mark the difference between looking ordinary to looking extraordinary. 

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With all my love,

Esther Mercado

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