July 14


The Power of a Woman

July 14, 2020

Empowering women

The power of women

When we’re little and we’re a little chubby, everyone tells us we look super cute, we are so beautiful and adorable…

“There is nothing like babies or little girls who look adorable with their cute outfits. They look so nice”, some say…

We hear these words and comments from our parents and other adults around us. Because of that, we feel confident about ourselves, without any fear of anything. We’re confident can do anything since we have a high self-esteem we feel empowered. We know that with a pretty face, we can make our world smile around us and we can get what we want.

When we’re teens we realize that all of that is missing. To be able to get a smile from someone around us, to get people to look at us, to make them realize that we’re not invisible while we wait in line at the grocery store, in school, or just simply walking in the street, or anywhere else, we then have to act like “barbies”, like “celebrities”, super skinny and beautiful. 

If we’re not like those “barbies”, we start to feel more and more fat, less beautiful and as time goes on, we lose our confidence in ourselves. Our “will” to succeed starts to dwindle, and we start to hide more and more from the world around us. 

Most importantly, we hide from ourselves. We let our outside being speak for ourselves.

We forget who we are, the wonderful human being that is inside each and every one of us, we forget how strong we are and how amazing we really are. 

The answer is not on the outside and what you look like, how much you weigh, or if you have acne or a beautiful face. The answer is in who you really are, what type of human being you want to be and how you impact the world in a positive world.  For example, what do you do for others, what type of world are you leaving your kids and what type of world your grandchildren will inherit. 

Dear friends, you cannot lose your self-esteem because you know what, you look beautiful, being positive, fun, full of life, confident, being able to always give the best of yourself and always help people. To make a mark in others, in other words… So then, the people who receive and perceive who you really are will notice the wonderful human being that is inside of you…

I invite you to not let your exterior being define you. This website of accessories is for the woman who is confident about herself, the woman who is happy with who she is. 

She’s the woman that is inside of all of us, no matter what you look like… 

This is dedicated for the woman who loves herself, the woman who wants to fight against all odds, defeat obstacles and influence the world around her in a positive way. This line of accessories will help you feel secure, more confidence and being YOU in every moment. I’m talking about all the women out there…

Enjoy, it’s for you!

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