June 10


The Curious, Moon, Sun and Stars in Our Everyday Life

June 10, 2020

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The Curious Sun, Moon and Stars in Our Everyday Life

The world is formed by water, air, land and fire. The sun, moon and stars revolve around us.

Have you wondered about how much of an influence the luminaries have over you? Well, yeah, there is great strength that stars and planets have over us, human beings, and they’re part of the world in our galaxy. That’s the reason why there are Zodiac signs. 

So how does this relate to jewelry and accessories? 

Well, our personality, character the way we are, has so much to do with these energies and the strength of the stars. We attract so much of these energies by what we wear, attitudes and character… So, wearing accessories and jewelry that has positive energies, has a great effect on us…

The sun, moon and stars are wonderful, they’re always there. We don’t always see them, but they’re always shining upon us and sending us energy. They protect us, guide us and determine our moods, which sometimes we don’t appreciate…

Without the sun, the stars and the moon, we wouldn’t be able to survive…

A Quick Story…

There is a great lesson learned in one of the legends of the “Midrash” which are legendary narratives. This particular legend is about the sun stars and the moon.

When G-d created the world, the sun and the moon where the same size. Two great giants, full of light and so beautiful…

The moon complained to G-d and said, “Is it possible that two kings govern with the same crown?”

“Are you confirming that you and the sun should not have the same size?”, G-d replied…

The moon confirmed.

Then G-d said, “Ok, great, so then one needs to be subordinate to the other. So then, from now on, your size will be much smaller than the sun. The sun will continue to be big and bright, will bring so much light during the whole day and you will just show a little illumination during the darkness of the night.”

The moon heard the reaction and those words that G-d mentioned and the immediate reaction was asking for forgiveness and said sorry.

But, because of this, G-d told the moon. “Because you asked for forgiveness, you understood your mistake to be ruthless and ambitious, so I will change my punishment to be a little less tough on you… I will surround you with numerous stars that have so much light and will add their light so that they can accompany you every night.”

As a consolation price, G-d also gives the moon the Jewish calendar, whose dates revolve around the moon.

The Lesson

The concept of creation is around human beings since us humans are in the middle and the moon stays above us watching over us. 

The sun represents materialism, the visible, the tangible things, while the moon represents the invisible and the spiritual. Just as this world is perceptible by our senses, we give the sun more importance since we give less value to the spiritual sense that the moon represents.

Based on the wise interpretations, G-d will pick up the moon, will demonstrate that our actions have consequences, whether they’re good or bad…

Many think that the stars determine our personality and help us balance our reactions, fill up ourselves with light, guide us and don’t abandon us.

In this site, you will find so many beautiful accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charm bracelets, charm necklaces that have luminaries and other great energies, as well as other pieces that in some way represent these beautiful stars. This jewelry and accessories help us with our balance, reminding us that we have to be conscious of who we are, what we have and to always think before we act and complain.

With a warm hug,

Esther Mercado 

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