September 8


The Color Pink

September 8, 2020

Color Pink, Wearing Different Colors

How beautiful is having color in our lives!

Have you wondered how the world would be in black and white?

It’s wonderful to see, know and feel colors like the blue in the sky, the green grass and the beautiful and different colors of the flowers.

Now, think about why dress yourself every day in black and white? I’m not saying that black or white are not nice colors to wear, but of course, putting color in our attires, in our jewelry like bracelets or necklaces, is also giving color to our lives…

It’s so important to know what some colors mean and what tones in each culture might represent since color reflects feelings, attitudes, and how you feel overall for many people in different situations. It reflects the moment in which you feel emotionally. The color is represented and interpreted in many different ways. So much so, that one simple color can have different significance for people with different attitudes and motivations.

The color for this summer is the pink color, and it has such a deep psychological, spiritual and physical meaning of this wonderful color. I tell you all about it below:

Psychological – The psychological part of this color is seen when we see the color as we feel relaxed, full of positive feelings like being friendly, feeling love and protection. That’s why the color transmits innocence and generosity and a way to empathize with one another. The color is traditionally represented in everything that has to do with the female side. That’s why it’s used as a symbol against breast cancer, in other advertorial articles and websites that dedicate themselves to this cause. Besides, the tie between the disease and the color is also geared towards these positive feelings. 

Spiritual – The color transmits sensibility, positive energy, goodness towards others, it symbolizes love and the love of maternity. The color also signifies romance.

Physical – The spiritual sense is linked when we talk about the nature of the color pink. We should remember that there is a flower whose name comes from the Latin word pink called “Rosa” which means “Rose”. This flower can be found in many colors. The beautiful and harmonious color comes together when the color red and the color white come together. This is very curious since the color red represents opposite things like passion and even being aggressive while the white color represents peace, harmony and balance between both colors. When they mix together, they make a beautiful combination like the pink. 

It is said that many people wear the pink color to look and feel young. So this summer, feel happy and relaxed with full of positive energy. 

Wear pink and remember, always bring about your attire to the next level when you mix and match with your jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and also with your purse and other accessories in this beautiful color pink. 

With a pink hug, I say until next time.

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