February 24


How To Dress Up or Down and How Accessories Help Your Attire

February 24, 2021

How To Series: Dress With the Same Clothes for a Wedding and for a Casual Dinner… And Save Money While Looking Spectacular!

Let’s picture this… Your girlfriend calls you up and wants to go to dinner with you… A casual place, maybe an Italian restaurant that has your favorite salad and pasta…

A place for you talk to sit down and have fun, talk about your jobs, your family, the boyfriend…

You are so relieved to go out since this pandemic has been hard on all of us. You practically live in yoga pants and a t-shirt..

You’re not really going anywhere, but this time you want to dress up, something different, something nice to do…

You don’t know what to wear, you see a perfect dress (that you absolutely love) and you think that black dress is probably more for a wedding than a casual dinner…

The dress is short, has cute designs on the front, so you think this would be perfect for a wedding, but since the dress is short, simple (without too much design), this dress might be the dress you wear tonight…

Because guess what?

You can actually wear the same exact dress to different occasions, even if the occasions are completely different. 

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It comes down to just a couple of important items!


Yup! Accessories

So, how can you dress the same for this occasion and for a wedding?

1. Different Look

Your black dress will look great for the wedding that you have next month. It’s outdoors and it can be dressed a little more elegant…

For this casual dinner you can wear your dress with earrings that match the dress, something not crazy, small. Small studs, for example.

Or you can use a scarf to make it look cool too, something that will highlight colors that can give you a nice look and can brighten up your face. As opposed to wearing a shawl that you would be able to wear for a night wedding, the shawl would give you a more elegant look, so the accessories there can make a huge difference…

As far as your bracelets, don’t overdo it, just something that is small with beads is a great example. Like these ones, for example...

As far as the necklace don’t overdress it with a diamond necklace, leave that for the wedding…

For this dinner, let’s say wear a necklace that looks nice, but it’s not too much. A chain is a great option… Or something like this...

As far as shoes, avoid wearing heels. Something simpler like a nice set of nice sandals would work, but really depends on the weather, flats is another great option.

As you can see, you can have different looks, with the same exact dress.

Your accessories are actually going to define the look when complemented by the dress that you pick.

2. What Is Your Personality!

When you wear different accessories, from the jewelry, the earrings, the bracelets, let your personality show! Are you a charm bracelet or charm necklace person or a costume jewelry person?

Be you and have fun with the accessories that will let you create the attire that you want to have.

The accessories that you wear for the casual dinner or the wedding will be very different, but your personality is the same, so accessories let you express yourself in different ways, even if you’re wearing the same exact dress…

This is important before even if you’re wearing the same dress, the occasion is different, the environment and naturally, you behave differently when you’re in different environments.

Since your casual dinner is with a friend, you might also have the confidence and trust of a friend, so your demeanor is also something that goes along with your personality.

3. Have fun!

Isn’t it fun to just dress things up or down, depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing?

Especially now, when the world is going through a lot of suffering, anxiety and fear, give yourself the opportunity to have fun with whatever you want to wear.

The way you dress says a lot about you and about what you’re feeling, what you’re doing, so be yourself and have fun in this process.

The world needs more people to express themselves, to spread happiness, love, laughter and to just have fun with doing whatever you’re doing. In this case, dressing up or down.

One thing is for sure, the accessories that you pick are important because that allows you to add more glam to your outfit and to express yourself. That allows you to have a great time in dressing up or down.

So, is there a dress or an outfit that you could potentially wear for a wedding as well as a casual dinner? I know I have a couple that would work and I have no doubt that I’ll look amazing!

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