Empowering women to be happy and have more self-confidence through fashion

Do we want to look good and feel good?

Or is it about feeling good and looking good?

I don't know what comes first, is it because we feel good that we want to dress up and put on makeup and that raises our spirits or because we look good it makes us feel pretty and this produces emotional well-being?

Not sure… But what I am sure of is that looking good definitely makes us feel beautiful, raises our morale, people see us differently, they treat us differently and we can feel confident about ourselves. Just with a simple detail of taking care of ourselves a little can automatically make things change.

I am not asking that we get ready to go to a wedding every day, no, just tidy up a bit...

Choose the right clothes that are appropriate to our body, dress for the occasion where you're going to go, whether it’s at the office, or going out with some friends , or going on a date, to the park, to the beach, or even to exercise you can have a nice style.

What about if you go to ask for a job? We have to dress for the position we want to keep or want to have, not for the position that you currently have, and what about feeling pretty.

All women are beautiful, the key is to dress up according to your personality, physiognomy, taste and style

I would like to help you to get you know your body, find what colors look good on you, find how to dress up for the message you want to give, use your image to have high self-esteem, be happy when you see yourself, feel and transmit well-being.

1-on-1 Sessions

Offering 1 on 1 sessions to make you feel comfortable 

Clothes and Closet Assessments

Assessing what looks best on you in an open and safe environment

Shopping and Makeovers

I'll take you shopping, so we'll enjoy finding cute outfits and get your hair and make up done 

What Type of Services Do We Offer?


1 on 1 Sessions

This is a session either virtual or physical of approximately 60 to 90 minutes, in which you tell me what kind of clothes you like, what your activities are, what you don't like about your body and physical appearance and what you want or should change.

With this information, I will be able to advise you on the clothes you could wear, what kind of clothes and colors or patterns are favorable to your body and how to feel safe and radiant


1 on 1 Session + Let's GO SHOPPING!

I can give you everything from option where we meet, but we also go further... I actually check your closet, take out what does not suit you and go shopping with you, where together we can choose clothes and accessories for your body type at affordable prices. This way, you can feel happy and sure of yourself to go wherever you want to go and looking spectacular.


1 on 1 Session + Let's GO SHOPPING and have a MAKEOVER

I can give you the 1 on 1 session, go shopping, but I'll also go with you to improve the style of your makeup by taking you with a professional makeup artist where you will be taught how to do makeup for different occasions and with a hair stylist where we will also tell you what type, shape, color and hairstyle favors you.

Customer stories

Maria - Customer

Esther has practically told me how to wear and where to find good deals on clothes. I would be lost without her! 

Vicky- Customer

Esther has great taste for clothes that fit me... I wouldn't have the confidence I have now if it wasnt for Esther.

Sari- Customer

Loved how Esther was able to help me. I was using the wrong clothes to look good when I was going to Conferences and for my job. I have more confidence now.

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Different plans for a customized service

Let me help you bring out the best in fashion in YOU! Let's talk about what makes you HAPPY! 

1 on 1 session

Simple, easy, 1 on 1 call





  • Virtual or live meeting
  • Expert Advice
  • Clothes Analysis
  • Personality and Fashion Assessment

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1 on 1 session, shopping and Makeover

Simple, Fun, Customized and Makeover!




/per 4 hours

+ the cost of stylists

  • Virtual or Live Meeting
  • Expert Advice
  • Clothes Analysis
  • Personality and Fashion Assessment
  • Shopping Assessment
  • Makeover Advice 

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