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Look and feel AMAZING!

We EMPOWER women who need help in picking out their clothes to regain their self-esteem and prove to the world and to themselves that they're amazing!

What we do

Empowering Women

We are all about empowering women and helping them feel AMAZING! Everybody has something to offer, so we help with making a woman feel good by consulting them on their image and offering advice.

Whether you're looking to revamp your closet with some new clothes, or you just want to accentuate your attire, I got you!

Feel Good Inside 

We consult on helping you re-gain the confidence that you need

Feel Good Outside

We consult on what clothes to wear and how to accent your image

Have Confidence

Advice on what you can do to feel more confident.

why we do it

Let's Regain Your Confidence

Regaining your confidence by helping you choose the right clothing styles...

It's hard to choose what to wear when you don't know what type of clothes are right for you, or what type of clothes make sense for you...

That's why I love shopping for people and seeing what would look amazing on you. 

It's not just based on your body style, it's based on your character, appearance and overall image...

  • By looking at your body figure, getting to know your character, we can tell what kind of clothes will fit you best
  • We look at the ideal look that motivates you to feel confident about yourself
  • We advice on what to wear for every day life as well as for specific events and occasions.

Because I Love Accessories...

I love jewelry and accessories, so for the past 20 years, I've dedicated my life to selling jewelry...

I'd love to invite you to see what we have to offer in our shop, just click below and you'll be re-directed to our shop. 

Take a look at some of our designs. They are all picked by me to give you the best and the most fashionable accessories that will accentuate your attire!


What they say



Esther definitely helps me feel better by advising me what to wear for certain occasions. I hate shopping and just having her by my side helps to just get my shopping done to wear what I love! I also love her bracelets! 

sandra burkart


I've been 15 years in selling custom and fine jewelry. The most important in this business is not the products really, but how you select your vendors. Finding people who are honest (who don't just sell to sell), people who are always taking care of you, to know your likes and your needs and to solve whatever problem you might have with shipping or products within the right time... It's not easy at all. Esther Mercado is one of those people. We've been working together 9 years. Everything that she sells are innovating products, originals and of course, quality products.